Body Contour Inch Loss Wrap

The Body Contour Inch Loss Wrap is an all-natural holistic approach to body contouring that has been helping people lose  cellulite and inches since 1979. When the body’s circulation and elimination systems become impaired, toxins and waste materials become trapped in the vulnerable fat cells of the connective tissue. The wrap uses circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste materials from the system through internal detoxification of the body. Stored toxins are permanently removed at the cellular level through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This creates a permanent inch loss of a combined total of 4-14 inches as measured at 18 points on the body, while improving general health, nourishing the skin, and contouring the soft areas of the body.

 Permanently Lose 4 -14 Inches* in just one session!

Join the thousands of Central Texans who have each lost 4-14 inches each session and combined have permanently lost thousands of inches.  Plus, they’ve contoured their bodies, reduced cellulite and detoxified with The Spa At Canyon Oaks exclusive Body Contour Wrap!  $130 per Session, allow 2-2.5 hrs

Body Contour Inch Loss Wrap

  • Step One: Consultation. You will fill out a short questionnaire designed to help determine your goals and any pertinent medical information.  A patch test on the inner arm may be done to rule out sensitivity to the cream. If necessary, the wrap may be done using Contour Cream for Sensitive Skin.
  • Inch Loss WrapStep Two: Preparation. Come to the wrap appointment freshly bathed, without any lotions or perfumes on the body. Do not shave on the same day before your wrap as this will make the skin too sensitive. Bring a small bikini swimsuit or bikini panties and bra, which you will change into once inside a private treatment suite.
  • Step Three: Skin Exfoliation. The Wrap uses a transdermal cream to facilitate inch loss. When the skin is exfoliated with the BUFF before the cream is applied, dead skin cells are removed, capillaries are dilated to help nutrients get to the cells, and the metabolism of the skin is activated. This increases the inch loss results obtained through the wrap.
  • Step Four: Measurement. The areas of the body where inch loss will occur are measured and marked to ensure accurate measurement after the wrap. This includes the legs, hips, abdomen, waste, rib cage and upper arms. Dimensions are recorded on a progress chart.
  • Step Five: Application of Contour Cream. Scientifically formulated body wrap cream is topically applied. It is absorbed into the cell region and stimulates circulation while promoting tissue cleansing. All ingredients are natural and safe. Niacin and niacinamide are both forms of vitamin B-3 that dilate blood vessels. Vitamin A increases metabolic functions. Cassia is an herb that promotes blood and fluid flow. Both cassia and niacin produce sensations of warmth as they are absorbed into the skin. There will be a normal pink tone to the skin as circulation is increased. The cream is not applied to the face or breasts.
  • Step Six: Wrap. Specialized plastic wrap is used to contour the body and to use pressure points in order to advance the working ability of the cream. Fat storage houses (cell chambers) are reduced, allowing the body’s own cleansing process to take over and eliminate excess fluids and waste materials from the body. Plastic wrap helps to hold body heat in, thus aiding the skin in absorption of the cream. The cream is formulated without alums or salts in order to prevent perspiration, ensuring that fluids and valuable minerals are not lost.
  • Step Seven: Relaxation. Once wrapped, you are reclined and able to relax for one hour, while the cream and wrap are put to work. You are covered with a blanket to keep warm and maintain circulation at the skin level. You should not get hot enough to sweat, as this will remove cream from the skin. Unlike a wrap using wet gauze, you remain warm and comfortable throughout the process. A relaxing facial, non-surgical facelift facial or manicure treatment may be added and done during this time.
  • Step Eight: Remove and Re-Measure. The wrap is removed and you are re-measured in exactly the same places as before. The measuring marks are still visible, so there is no doubt as to the accuracy of the inch loss achieved. “After” measurements are recorded and compared to “Before” measurements. The inch loss results are totaled and recorded on the your progress chart. You can see results on paper, as well as in the mirror.
  • Step Nine: Complete the Treatment. The excess cream still on the skin is left on. You should avoid showering for several hours after the treatment, as the cream will continue to produce results. Many clients report an additional inch-loss following the wrap. Because the skin-tightening results are not dependent on a water loss, but on the body’s own cleansing function, inch loss won’t return as liquids are taken into the body. In fact, the client should drink water immediately following the wrap to help flush out any released toxins or waste.
  • Step Ten: Continue the Inch Loss Process. The Home Care Kit may be used to maintain and increase desired contour and inch loss results in conjunction with the Body Contour Program. The kit is especially beneficial for those who have purchased Contour Wraps in a series.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Cellulite?

Salt solutions, mineral salt wraps, seaweed wraps and liquid herbal wraps all pull toxins and water through the pores internally to externally, dehydrating and aging the skin through water loss. With a water loss wrap, you may be required to wear a rubber suit or booties to promote sweat and catch the body hydration. These wraps are generally messy, uncomfortable, and the inches come back as soon as you ingest liquids again to replace hydration.

Clay wraps act as a poultice to draw impurities from the skin. This type of wrap is dehydrating and tends to age the skin.

Thigh creams use aminophyllin as a main ingredient. This chemical is an asthma medication, which was formulated to shrink the mucus membranes so the patient could breathe. It does exactly the same externally, shrinking the cells of any moisture. This treatment is a water loss, dehydration, and the most damaging of all cellulite treatments, as it is putting a chemical into the body’s blood stream.

The Body Contour Wrap uses herbal formulations that work externally to internally. This type of program aids in the removal of wastes that have become trapped in vulnerable parts of our bodies. It is basically a cleansing process of the tissue underneath the skin, and helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. It does not dehydrate and age the skin. The healthiest type of body wrap.

As the wrap flushes toxins and impurities into the system, those that are pregnant, attempting to become pregnant, have heart conditions (especially conditions requiring coumadin), epileptic, nursing or those with cancer within the last 5 years should not receive the wrap.
Because a toxic lifestyle is prevalent in today’s world, body cleansing and body contouring are of equal value for both men and women.
Partial wraps are not recommended, as the Wrap uses the body’s natural systems of elimination to obtain inch loss. If only the legs are wrapped, trapped wastes may simply be moved from one area of the body to another, rather than eliminated completely through the circulation and lymphatic systems.
Niacin and cassia naturally promote dilation of the blood vessels and fluid flow. This increased circulation under the skin gives the skin a pink tone. This is expected, and is a positive event that shows the cream working. The skin usually returns to its normal color within an hour of application. A patch test before the wrap will show any unusual sensitivity. If this is found to be the case, Contour Cream is also available in a Sensitive Skin Formula.
The entire process takes approximately 2.5 hours. This includes the consultation, exfoliation, measurements, wrap, relaxation for one hour, and time to cut out and re-measure.
If there is an immediate weight loss after a wrap, this indicates that water has been lost. In this case, weight will be gained again as soon as the body is re-hydrated. With a internal cleanse wrap, there is no weight loss for at least the first 72 hours.
Cellulite is caused by toxins and wastes that are trapped in the soft, fatty tissues of the body. These are removed at the cellular level by breaking them up and moving them into the circulatory and lymphatic systems for permanent elimination through the body’s natural processes.  By drinking a large quantity of water in the hours following the wrap, they are rapidly flushed out of the system. The result is inch loss and body contouring. Body wraps are wonderful for those who are already dieting and losing weight, as they have the ability to tone and tighten loose skin that develops when pounds are shed.
The Body Contour Inch Loss Wrap uses herbal formulations that work externally to internally. This type of program aids in the removal of wastes that have become trapped in vulnerable parts of our bodies. It is basically a cleansing process of the tissue underneath the skin, and helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. It does not dehydrate and age the skin. The healthiest type of body wrap.
DON’T allow yourself to be wrapped if you: have a heart condition (specifically conditions requiring coumadin), epilepsy, have had cancer that is not in remission, or are pregnant or nursing.

      • BUFF: A natural exfoliant for the body, with the ability to remove dead cells, activate the metabolism of the skin through circulation, and soften the skin’s surface.
      • CONTOUR CREAM: Is a niacin cream that penetrates the skin and cellulite, increasing circulation in even the worst cellulite-prone areas. Cassia is an herb that promotes blood and fluid flow.

**Sensitive Cream does not have Cassia (Cinnamon) but has peppermint oil.

      • BUFF: A natural exfoliant for the body, with the ability to remove dead cells, activate the metabolism of the skin through circulation, and soften the skin’s surface.
      • MAINTAIN Anti-Cellulite Lotion:   An anti-cellulite lotion with the ability to maximize and preserve the contouring, tightening and inch loss achieved through the M’lis Body Contour Wrap.
      • CELL-U-RID – tissue detoxifer
        • Helps the Body To:
          • Break down cellulite
          • Eliminate waste materials by acting as a natural laxative
          • Reduce water retention
          • Increase body circulation
      • DETOX KIT:
        • CLEANSE intestinal cleanser:  Acts as a bowel tonic, helping clear hard encrustation and old fecal matter. Provides nutrients to help restore the peristaltic action of the colon.
          • Benefits:
            • Safe tonic-laxative
            • Increases circulation to bowels
            • Lubricates the intestinal tract
            • Aids in healing bowels
        • DETOX body purifier: An herbal formula that helps remove toxins and mucus from the major organs. Also helps purify the blood stream and cleanse thelymphatic system.
          • Helps the Body To:
            • Remove congestion
            • Remove mucus
            • Remove environmental chemicals
            • Remove harmful food additives
            • Purify the blood stream
            • Cleanse the lymphatic system

o       FIBER – wheat bran and psyllium: Restores dietary fiber to the system, cleans bowels and intestines without calories, and helps to lower the cholesterol level. Psyllium cleans debris from the system and will combat constipation.

      • Ultimate Fiber helps to:
      • Maximize efficiency without calories
      • Overcome constipation
      • Cleanse bowels and intestines
      • Stimulate natural action of intestines
      • Protect intestinal canal from putrefactive or pathogenic bacteria cancer-causing agents
      • Lower the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body

o       SLENDERAID – appetite appeaser:

      • Helps the Body To:
      • Produce “fat burning” enzymes
      • Reduce hunger pangs
      • Reduce nervous tension
      • Appease the appetite naturally
      • Calm the nervous system naturally

      • DO ensure that you practice a healthy lifestyle (including your diet!) to maintain the inches lost.
      • DO use MAINTAIN each day after a bath or shower.
      • DO ensure that you perform enzymatic exfoliation at home at least 3 times a week.
      • DO consider doing an internal detoxification program to enhance cellulite and inch loss.
      • DO drink plenty of water.
      • DON’T shower within 6-8 hours of receiving wrap.
      • DON’T tan within 12 hours of receiving wrap.

If you experience a reaction to the body wrap, it is important for you to understand why. The reason is that you are having a niacin reaction. One may experience this reaction if their body is toxic and is unable to rid itself of excess niacin buildup. The Body Contour Cream is niacin based.  It uses this vitamin because of its unique ability to cleanse the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Some tips to help avoid a reaction to the Niacin:

      1. Drink plenty of water.
      2. If taking a vitamin supplement that contains a high amount of Niacin, one may want to temporarily discontinue use of it.

Protocol for a reaction to the Contour Cream:

      1. Take an antihistamine. This will reduce the histamine reaction one has to the cream.
      2. Soak in a baking soda bath.
      3. Dry the area and apply TISSUE REPAIR CREAM or a topical antihistamine cream.