General Information and Policies

Scheduling an appointment:  Appointments can be scheduled via phone (254-848-9989) M-Sat 8a – 6p.  We will try to get you an appointment that is convenient for you. Over 600 appointment hours per week.  Keep in mind that Saturday is our most popular day of the week.  We are not able to tentatively hold or block out time or space for an incomplete appointment.  Gift Card/Certificate purchase required to book an appointment.  See additional gift card/certificate policies below.

Operating Hours:  M-Sat 8a-6p.

Gift Card/Certificate required to book an appointment.  Donation certificates and prizes also require a valid credit card to book an appointment.

Standard Appointment times:  8:40 am, 9:50 am, 11:00 am, 12:10 am, 1:20 pm Lunch, 2:20 pm, 3:30 pm 4:40 pm.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to receive the fully allotted time for your session. Your arrival time will determine the length of your treatment time, which will end as scheduled so that the next guest may begin promptly.  You are welcome to arrive sooner and enjoy a complimentary beverage prior to your service.

Clothing:  Wear comfortable clothing – casual and loose.  Bring open toe shoes if you are receiving a pedicure (spa flip flops are available for $3 per pair).  It is not necessary to wear make-up, especially if you are scheduled for a facial.  All treatments are done in the privacy of your own suite.

  Client Forms

Sick Clients:  you must be free of any contagious illness (flu / cold / virus / bacterial infection) for at least 48 hours prior to receiving services.

Under Doctor’s Care:  If you are currently under a doctor’s care, we request that you get a doctor’s release before you come to the spa for your treatments.  We want to insure that you have a safe and enjoyable time with us. The release can be faxed to 254-848-4806.

Non Smoking Facility:  The Spa At Canyon Oaks is a non smoking facility.  No smoking is permitted anywhere on the The Spa At Canyon Oaks property beyond the parking lot.

Pregnancy:  If you are pregnant we do require a doctor’s release before we begin your treatment.  This is for the safety of you and your baby.  The release can be faxed to 254-848-4806.  No first trimester massage.

Cancellation policy:  72 hour notice of cancellation on all services required. You will be charged the full amount for the services for a no show or cancellation within 72 hours of the appointment.  No shows/cancellations for gift certificate appointments will forfeit gift certificate.  Changes to appointment day or dropping services within the 72 hour window is also considered a cancellation.

  Current Lunch Menu  You may add lunch to any services or book for lunch only. It is recommended to schedule lunch ahead of time due to limited capacity.

Dietary Needs:  Do let us know if you have any special dietary needs and we will try to accommodate them.  Let us know at time of scheduling appointment of any special needs.

Payment Methods:  Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Gift Cards/Certificates:  Can be purchased by telephone 254-848-9989 or    ordered online and are non-refundable. Gift cards/certificates have no expiration date.  Gift Cards/Certificates are required to be presented at time of service for payment.  If you forget your card/certificate be prepared to pay in another form.

Gift Card/Certificate Sales rules:  Gift card/certificate sales exclude previous purchases of gift cards/certificates.  Not valid for gift card/certificate redemptions.  Gift cards/certificates purchased for a dollar amount that do not specifically purchase services at special pricing will not be eligible for gift certificate sales or special pricing in the future.  Those cards/certificates will be redeemed at the current regular prices.  Specials, sales, services or packages purchased on gift cards/certificates must be used within one year or they will revert to dollar value to be used towards regular priced services or packages (not redeemable for cash).

Returned Check / Credit Card Fee:  Returned checks for insufficient funds or stop payment will be subject to a $35.00 fee.  Credit card dispute resolutions ruled in The Spa At Canyon Oaks favor will be subject to a $35.00 fee.


Service Gift Card/Certificate Exchange Policy

This applies to any $ value on a gift card or gift certificate that was specifically purchased as a service or package of services referred to as a Service Card/Certificate.   Example: a gift card purchased for 2x Hour massages @ $70 each = total value $140).

Even Exchange for Equal or Lesser Value of a Service Card/Certificate:  You may exchange the service or package for an equal or lesser value service or package of services when compared at regular price of what is on the card/certificate to regular price of the service for which you would like to exchange it.  This would be an even trade leaving no value on the card/certificate for that specific service or package used to do the exchange.

Breaking apart a Service Card/Certificate:  If you purchase product, pay gratuity, or pay for upgrades using this type card/certificate one of the services will revert to the paid dollar value to be used towards regular priced services.  Promotional values or sales prices for that particular service will no longer apply.

Upgrading a Service Card/Certificate:  If you would like to purchase a higher regularly priced service or package you will pay the difference between the regular prices.


Active Military Discounts with valid ID:  10% off services.
Excludes any other discounts or special price offers.  Discount does not apply to products.

College Student Discount with valid ID:  5% off Services.
Excludes any other discounts or special price offers.  Discount does not apply to products.

Gratuity:  Is not included with the price of any package or service and is at your own discretion.  We are often asked what is customary.  The industry average is 15-20%.

Groups:  To ensure proper customer service we require that group appointments have only one person from the group to handle all the scheduling and policy details.  All groups of 4 or more are required to purchase gift certificate/card for your appointment before scheduling the appointment.  Groups of 4 or more require a 7 day notice to cancel.

Minors:  Age 6 thru 15 with parent or guardian both receiving services together in the same suite.  Anyone UNDER the age of 17 must have paperwork signed by their parent or guardian.  Anyone, the age of 16 plus can receive a massage without an adult in the room.

Small Children:  No children under the age of  6 are allowed at the spa in any capacity.  This is in consideration of our other guests.

No Pets of any kind allowed.